Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY: Scarf Season

If you're like me -- you can't get enough of scarves. The fall season is simply the best time of the year to start incorporating it into your wardrobe. Below are a few ways you can create a scarf using your very own materials at home.

1. Double-braided scarf: 

2. DIY - Sweater/T-Shirt Scarf 

How can you feed your scarf addiction without having to spend money? Reuse your old sweaters or t-shirts by turning them into a scarf. Simply cut off the top of your shirt -- leaving only the bottom square portion.

3. Scarf Vest 

You don't always have to wear your scarf around your neck. Try something different. Take a large scarf, fold it in half, and tie the two ends together. That's it! Try it!


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